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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Another Demonoid Invitation Contest

I figure it's about time for a new contest to win a demonoid invitation!!! If you are a fan of the band Trapt than this is the contest for you!! Trapt's new album is set to be release on Aug 5 but if you win this contest I will give you an invite to the top torrent tracker plus I will give you a chance to get a copy of their new album, "Only Through The Pain", in full. To win you have to somehow show me that you are a big fan of Trapt. Once again use your creativity and email me at or post something on this blog. If you send me a pic via email I will post in on a site of mine for everyone to view. How bad do you want to get into demonoid and how big of a Trapt fan will determine the winner of this contest!! Winner will be decided by the beginning of next week!!! Good Luck!! ---Motley(Administrator"Demonoid Invites"

Friday, July 11, 2008

Demonoid Invite Winner!!!

Congrats to wutangbitches!! Wu is the winner of this Demonoid Invite contest!! Keep watching for your chance to win!!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Who Wants A Demonoid Invite?

That's right!! On with a new contest!! Let's see I'm running out of new ideas. Who's got money? Just kidding!! If you are a demonoid fanatic like myself you know that selling invites will get you banned from the best torrent tracker!! So what can we do? Hmm.... how about something off the top of my oblong shaped thinker... Howz about just something off the wall? What will you do to get into demonoid? How far will you go? You gotta show me how bad you want to be a member. I have had people write "Demonoid Invite Please" on their booty's. That was pretty out there. But can you top it? Get creative, daring, possibly psychotic or borderline wacko. Please, lets not have people getting hurt now, or at least not hospitalized. Just come up with something showing how dedicated of a member you will be to our Demonoid community. We will need some kind of proof, evidence if you will, of what you did. Whether it's pictures, videos, signed affidavits, live media coverager or something to that nature. Oh and also, if you are claimed the winner of this contests Demonoid Invitation you will also have to do one more simple task before receiving the grand salami prize. You will have to got to and register for the online game "lost". Which most of us already are. Lost, that is!!!! Check it out! The game is kinda lagging now but when it first kicked off it was exciting. It's kinda "lost" it's kick and some of us members are trying to kickstart it back to life. Though the administrators have somewhat "lost" their interest in keeping it on the up and up. Enough B.S.!!!! Let the games begin!!!!===Motley!!!