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Monday, December 31, 2007

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Email to CRIA

Here's an email I recently sent to the CRIA about there position on Demonoid. I sent it to in case you want to email them.
Dearest CRIA and RIAA Members,

The fact that the first thing I viewed on the RIAA ‘s site, when trying to understand your point of view of illegal downloading of music, is how one organization controls 90% of the legitimate creation and distribution of sound recordings, enrages me!! So much for my non-biased temperament towards an issue that your organizations purposefully control income and behavior of. What happened to enterprising a nation instead of monopolizing and conquering it. When I was at age of adolescence I bought my first KISS cassette tape (Destroyer) without the fear of being arrested if I let my friend take it home and copy it. It is a known fact that technology has made this much easier for consumers today. That is because of the people who have created wonderful software and hardware that allow users to do this effortlessly. Yet these “developers, entrepreneur’s, and programmers” can easily get away with marketing their creations to the consumer without being price regulated only for this to be compatible with everything else for maybe a year. Then turnaround and produce a barely better incompatible knock off version for outrageous profits. Thus leading the consumer with empty pockets and looking for an inexpensive answer to do something that will get them incarcerated. My anger stems from the recent threatening position the CRIA took upon the only web community I actually enjoyed that was not full of tasteless pornographic media and/or unbearable pressure advertising. DEMONOID! You take that away and now myself and the rest of it’s members proceed to wage economic war on your organizations. By this I mean for as long as Demonoid is down I refuse to buy any merchandise whatsoever that in any way feed the tyrants whom have by their greed began to deteriorate the recording business. Don’t worry you won’t see me downloading illegally off the net, but feel free to come to my neighborhood and attempt to catch me borrowing all of my neighbors CD’s and copying for my family and my personal use. I wouldn’t dream of trying to monopolize the music industry and recording artists by making copies of music and selling them for profit. That’s your job. Why don’t you use some the intelligence in your organization to come together with your bosses (the consumer) and make some compromises that benefit us all. Good luck. Hail Demonoid!!!

My Real Name
Ex-music Consumer

P.S. Let it be known that November 9, 2007 is the day the CRIA waged war on the us!!!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Friday, November 9, 2007

Let it be know from Nov 9,2007 that the best torrent tracker went down!!! The only thing that was worth a crap on the internet taken away by others that are afraid of money being taken out of their hands. Nothing else Just Greed!! I will do everything possible to make the CRIA life,( and any other organization that proceeds to take our freedoms away) a living hell. SCREW YOU CRIA!!!

New Kissology Out Tuesday!!!!

Now that demonoid has been down it's been depressing for me and other members. Nonetheless, when I get the new KISSOLOGY onTuesday I will be uploading that torrent on Mininova. It's just not the same and it's not fair. Screw the CRIA!!!