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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Free Demonoid Invitation!

Yes that's right, this week I will be giving away an invite to someone. To be the winner you must post a comment to this blog stating why you want to be a member of the Demonoid community. You also have to prove that you are a big KISS fan!! Reason for having to be a KISS fan is because I just uploaded the new Kissology DVD set and I want a KISS fan that doesn't have the set to be able to download it! Keep in mind Demonoid members are very proud of being a part of the top torrent tracker community and do not like to invite people unless they know this person will be a good addition. Good luck!

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Wanna see the blogs that were on the old site? Click this link
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Demonoid Invites Blog Moved

Yes I have moved my blog to this URL. Why? So it can be indexed by search engines better. Update on Kissology!!!
Finally the whole dvd set has been uploaded to Demonoid!!! If you are a big KISS fan and beg I will probably give you an invite!!