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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Demonoid Update!

I know I'm a little behind on updating the status of Demonoid,but what do you expect from a middle aged college student with 5 kids. Anyway, since demonoid's tracker has been noticed as being used again,the site has updated it's follower's posting a message on the home page. If you go to their home page,, you will see this message displayed---
" Maintenance

Edit: There are some rumors about the site shutting down for good and we starting a new tracker next year. the rumors are of course, lies. There are no plans of shutting down or creating another site.

And there is NO official twitter/facebook/any other web community page for Demonoid. There are a few around that were created by fans and have no link to the site or staff.
The parts of the site code that got deleted are being rewritten and should be ready soon. We are also working to try and minimise the data loss as much as possible.

Thanks for your patience.

The site will return as soon as possible, but there was a problem that caused data loss and the person who can help us get the data back is not able to help at this moment. The site will return when we can get his help

A loss of a some months worth of activity including registered users and torrent submissions is to be expected because the backup we are hoping to get back is not up to date, so please be prepared for it"

Demonoid. "Maintenance."
22 November. 2009.

So everyone be patient and take care of all the little unimportant crap "like rent,food,bills, work" get it out of the way,so when Demonoid is fully working you can keep your focus on that.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Demonoid Back? Tracker are back, site still down

As everyone knows Demonoid has been down for quite awhile now, but I was just using my bittorent program a few minutes ago and noticed for the first time that the demonid tracker is working!! My guess is this is the first step for getting Demonoid back on track. As of right now Nov.6 2009 12:48am MST the website is still down. About time. Nothing else out there compares to Demonoid. It's been really hard to get into torrenting since Demonoid has been done. It makes you realize how much you really love your favorite Torrent Tracker. Guess "you don't know what you got till it's gone." Cross your fingers!! ---Motley