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Friday, October 26, 2007

Free Demonoid Invite!!!

Yes another chance to win an invite to the top torrent tracker!!! If you wanna win an invite your goal is to find a free networking game that my girlfriend and I can play against each other at home on our LAN!


Motley said...

The only LAN game we really been able to play that we kinda both like is Monopoly. That gets boring real quick. Now understand we both have to like it, so it's gotta be kinda a family game. Not like Unreal Tournament or kill games please.. Like to give out the invite day after Halloween if I get enough people to respond!!--Goodluck!!

Motley said...

theres a code here
if it's still good--Motley

jervik said...

havent tried it really but u can if u want

thats the link. it contains 3 games. i think oneis tetris hahaha.

and another is Pangya. i heard it is free. and u can play it over the net. its a golf game.

jervik said...

oh by the way u nid not send me an invite i already have one. :) well f te lucky person is suppose to be me ahehehe

Anonymous said...

You would love me if show you my favourite online game to play against your gf (hope you didn't know about it T__T) It's

Utterly wonderful game, fully elaborated with strategies and so on on the official forum

Hope you appreciate my answer :) email me an invites if you are pleased to

Motley said...

Nothing looks too good as far as games yet I hope someone can find us a good game.We are probably not going to play battle, fighting games but yet it has to be somewhat stimulating.--Motley

Anonymous said...

Naruto-Arena is not ..."battle" or "fighting" game, it's stimulating as you desire, and make your head work ^^

nickname said...

Speed card is a simple LAN game we play, we so far have just downloaded it from the below site and kept playing

usa_crusader said...

Sims 2

Eudemons Online 1.070
Tales of Pirates 1.36
Scions of Fate
Trickster Online Revolution
Furcadia 23B

i really want an invite. please?

its hard to find mutiplayer games that are not racing or shootem ups.

Motley said...

thanx usa_crusader. I am now lost and you will lose the game---Motley
(a.k.a fade2blakened) You are definately in no.1 position for the invite. Don't think you will be topped. If not I will send your invite day after death day. (Halloween)

bcamarob06 said...

ive got a few for you

it has about 100 games that are free

the games are:

super othello
super bingo
scorched earth 3d
college euchre
3d darts
tanks 3d
3d the mill
seawar: the battleship
reversi fight
fat cat poker
extreme snake
drum machine
simon extreme
penguins arena
pac man
puzzle games
beach volleyball
connect four
memory game

that site has quite a few free games

some other site worth checking out are

all of those sites have games that are free and all together theres about 5,000 games that will keep you entertained for years. i really need that invite and would be willing to help you out with anything else you might need. thanks for your time and i hope to hear from you soon.

Anonymous said...

hey motley, what about the that I suggest? T_T
I am checking my email with hope of receiving your reply xD

William said...

Pocket Tanks

The free version has LAN support.