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Monday, October 8, 2007

Win an Invite This Week!!!

Yep you could win a Demonoid Invite this week!! All I want are a couple of good ideas on contests to have for people to win invites on this blog. I don't just want to give them away. Ya gotta work a little bit!! Thanx everyone!!--Motley


Erwinn said...

1. You should have people make you pictures or something else for the site, if you need them. Then, you choose the one that was made the best to give an Demonoid Invite Code to.

I'll think of more tomorrow.

Motley said...

Don't think I really need pictures but if someone came up with one that caught my eye I might give it some consideration.

luciano said...

Another idea could be to ask people how would they contribute to enrich Demonoid, I mean which kind of contributions would they make to the forum.

I hope you liked this one :p


Dr. Ronald Derry Jr. said...

Here some idea's-

1. Virtual Scavenger hunts for torrents.

2. Torrent Quiz's- Ask torrent questions that a google search won't answer for them.

3. Have them devote their Facebook/Myspace/Blog to you for a week. Whoever does it the most creatively gets the invite.

Gerard said...

You should try letting people sign up and they have to try to give out the most Demonoid invites or something in a amount of time.

Erwinn said...

Do a riddle with lots of parts or just a small one.

Example: Like give a riddle that should link to something. Then, like post another part of the riddle that would only make sense to the people that figured the first part out and went to the link.

Then at the end, {you decide when it ends}. The first person to give you whatever you want that's in the last part of the riddle wins.

case i win,

gover said...

Celebriy Demonoid:

Entrant postes a image link of themselves or Celebrity under demonic possession, funniest post gets the illusive prize.

My image:

Motley said...

Lots of good ideas people. Tomorrow I will be deciding on whos ideas I liked best and handing out an invite. So today's the last day to give some more ideas. Please click on some google ads on the home page of this blog to help keep the blog and free invites going!!--Motley

vinu said...

I really feel for server administrators who maintain servers on which demonoid account is running on.

If anyone wants to contribute to demonoid plz think about reducing bottleneck to this wonderful account.

vinu said...

forgot to give my email

erwinn said...

who won? did you not tell and just send it to their email?

Jupiterteen said...

Write the best essay explaining one's passion and drive to getting an invite. Or tell them to think of a Creative video and post in on Youtube or whatever, without talking in the video, they have to explain why they want an invite.

Email - because I am not sure how comments work on Blogger even though I have one, lol.

phrozyn said...

test their commitment for the invite and make people make videos of all sorts of shocking momments for instance sending in home videos, telling their boss to stick it,videoing males asking their wives to have a threesom with another female and seeing what their wives say the compition works like this the more extreme the video is. the more value the prize
hope you like my idea lol!!!!took me a bit to come up with thanks in advance