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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Another Demonoid Invitation Contest

I figure it's about time for a new contest to win a demonoid invitation!!! If you are a fan of the band Trapt than this is the contest for you!! Trapt's new album is set to be release on Aug 5 but if you win this contest I will give you an invite to the top torrent tracker plus I will give you a chance to get a copy of their new album, "Only Through The Pain", in full. To win you have to somehow show me that you are a big fan of Trapt. Once again use your creativity and email me at or post something on this blog. If you send me a pic via email I will post in on a site of mine for everyone to view. How bad do you want to get into demonoid and how big of a Trapt fan will determine the winner of this contest!! Winner will be decided by the beginning of next week!!! Good Luck!! ---Motley(Administrator"Demonoid Invites"


Motley said...

I guess there are no Trapt fans out there. Nobody wants a demonoid invite. I'll probably end the contest soon if nobody posts. If your not a Trapt fan come up with a sob story and maybe I'll hook you up.--Motley

Nick said...

Alas, I have never heard Trapt.. I was born in a chagas bug infested hovel in Buenos Aires in 1937 to a mildly retarded immigrant wanderer named Bernice Johnstone-Revell. After being left on a pile of rotten coconut husks at the ripe old age of 4, I stumbled around the dense jungle on my newly gangrenous limb stumps until I literally tumbled into a drunken
4th grade liar named Kendra Bustamonte, who beat me within an inch of my life with a tattered copy of Sherlock Holmes. after running out of fermented cane juice, she decided to keep me as her "pet", whereupon she dressed me as a slutty 17 year old runaway (I am male), and charged AWOL sailors and mercenaries uno centavo to put smoldering Cohiba nubs out in my matted and urine-soaked hair, and dos centavos to spit down my throat and crush beer cans against my fragile skull. This was the year i turned 7. Fast forward until this year, and nothing much has changed (in fact it has gotten worse) except that I now have access to a computer at the local Jesuit mission. I am seeking a demonoid invite code in order to better my existence and to hopfully heal old wounds from the past. You can facilitate this.... Thank you kind sir. May you live to be 150 years!

Motley said...

Nick post again leave your email and I will hook you up with the invite.

Nick said...

Motley- My email is:

Thanks alot man. That is HUGE of you!



lukejordan said...

"Life's not been good for you. It's just not fair. You did nothing to deserve it. You did nothing at all. Sit back and watch. It turns from bad to worse.No matter how loud you cry it always hurts.Boy I'm glad I'm not in your shoes.How could things get any worse for you? You're so fucking alone. How could things get any worse for you. I don't blame you. When you piss and moan.Everybody gets what you should've got. Everybody takes your opportunities.Everybody gets the breaks that belonged to you. Everybody takes your justdesserts.Life's not been good for you. It's just not fair. I've got some news for you. Nothing is fair. I wish there was a way. To make all better. I pray for a way. To make you happy. 'Cause I'm sick and I'm tired. Of your whining, complaining, bitching, etc..."

figure maybe if you're Trapt then maybe you know Minor Threat who have something to say on sob stories (as above) no?
( you have already closed this comp.- i'm not whingeing.
if not?