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Monday, September 8, 2008

Open registrations over!

The open registrations for Demonoid have ended. Everyone that had posted or emailed me in the last 2 weeks should have received an email. If you didn't get registered leave your sob story here and we will try and hook you up.--Motley!


Spaceballs604 said...

I am a hard working single mother of 4 kids who slaves throuout the day working 3 jobs... I want to be able to provide for my little babies and had to pick up a double on my third job instead of coming home and getting registering while there was still time. If only little Timmy could download that new torrent Spore from the demonoid site... Maybe all the happiness that it brings him will heal him... and he wont have to get that amputation because of the tumor that grew on his little leg... If only you could be so generous to provide me with a demonoid invite and help me make my crippled poor children happy. (Please don't ask why a starving mother of 4 has a computer that can run new PC games. ) ;) .......Please can I have a code? Email address is (Thanks sooooo much)

Jay said...

I have a new hard drive and it needs to be filled. enough said. I would really appreciate a code...I wish this was more of a sob story, but I need my fix of torrents!!
thank you!

Anonymous said...

I miss the open time :(
Please give me a code.
Thank you.

Jack Davids said...

Can someone please send me a demonoid invitation code, i've been trying for months please send me an invitation code i desperately need one, i've been trying for months, i've done wat everyone has been saying for the free registration but no good, please send it to please! I am trying to download some OBD(On-board diagnostics) software

Антон said...

My avarage upload speed is 1Mb/s.
And I'm just sick and tired of all those isohunt torrents, whare I download at 12 Kb/s and upload Mb for nothing!
Just gime the code, man!
I'd apriciate.

Joseph said...

I can Upload at 1 Mb/s, high speed cable 'Extreme'.
Can easily keep a 1.0+ ratio, have lots of content to, games, etc on 2 TB of harddrive space.

Aside from that, honestly I'm tried to download a batch of Pearl Jam Bootlegs, that are only available on torrents on Demonoid.

Kindness is appreciated...

Thanks, Jay

Anonymous said...

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE someone send me a demonoid invitation code? The one application on my hard drive needs some brother and sister applications. My email is

squid said...

Hi i been looking for a working torrent of solidworks for vista 64 this site seems be only place i can find user comments with people saying its works how do i get invites, are you the person that deals with invites?

¬_¬ said... many thanks

Anonymous said...

so i was like just about to register and this giant flying Taco ....whose name is Fred kidnapped me and made me do was a crazy night f*cked up out of my mind ....Fred a big giant flying taco getting arrested for throwing sausage at the police....we had a crazy time ....but i so missed registration!!!!


Anonymous said...

my father killed himself last week because he owed money to the mafia. He always favored my brother because my brother has a demonoid account. His last dying wish was for me to, "amount to something, you little bastard" If I get a demonoid account, I will finally have my father's love in heaven.

Anonymous said...

I've heard of this fabled land of torrents that were reliable and plentiful too late to qualify for open registration. Invite will be MUCH appreciated!!


Thank you!!

C&W Employee said...

I would dearly cherish an account but sadly just before I clicked the mouse to sign up, I broke my leg. It really hurts, actually.

So an invitation code would soothe some of my anguish!

OK That's a load of sh*te, but a code sent to would be nice :)

Anonymous said...

medical student really want to study of various medical book but due to anaffordable prise cant read so,plese invite me for demonoid passaword

Eddie said...

I have only just recently discovered the true power of the Demonoid, and I am in awe of its vast and powerful demonocity!

I wish to download audio books, stand up comedy, and all manner of things to expand my mind and make me even more easily amused than I already am! [which is a damn sight scarey really! lol].

But at the moment I am unable to do so, and so my computer is left feeling empty and hollow, without many megabytes of data to inform and amuse me!

Please help me, and I shall spread the Demonoidic word far and wide!

Thankyou in advance!

Anonymous said...

If you have a Demonoid Invite code please send it here:


caparbio said...

please send me a demonoid invitation code

jean rafael said...

I wanna join so badly I need the demonoid invitation code so that I can download games from demonoid need it desprately pls help my email is ""

Anonymous said...

plz send invite. thnx

Anonymous said...

Hey, I just keep missing the open registrations. There are several ebooks, programs, and movies that I would like to download, so a registration code would be GREATLY appreciaated. My email is ""

Thanks a lot!

Parsa said...

Hi i am diagnosed with a bery SPECIAL problem that makes me addicted to torrents, i am not getting my fair share and my cold turkey symotoms include:

-Searching things like pen island on google.

-Downloading torrents over and over again.

-Seeding random torrents i havn;t even opened.

I also have 10 cracks and keygens WTF ZOMG!

Also i get hit and bullied evreyday by my dog, he also does um... other stuff to me that you wouldnt want to know.

And to top it all off, I NEED TORUE GAME ENGINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I will shoot myself if you dont!

Oh yess and i sent a keylogger to G.W BUSH's account and saw his favourates... To find out what he had search p--o---r-n on He now said he will shoot me if i dont um. get him a demonoid account so yes.. I DONT WANNA DIE!
Save a poor pirates life

Molly R said...

I have large breasts.

And I need a code.

Send me one?

Molly R. [again] said...

p.s. -


abacus01 said...

I also missed the open time. I dont have a sob story to tell you, but would be indebted to you guys if I could get an invite code.
Thanks again

Drudo said...

Pleas sir, may I have an invite? In this cold stark realm know as the internets, one must rely on the kindness of strangers. Also, if you send me an invite something good will happen to you in the next 5 days... If not, you'll be hit by a bus.. :)


Anonymous said...

I would really appreciate it if you could get me a code for demonoid. I am currently a student with little money and would really like a code for this site. It would mean so much to me.

Thank you!! xD

[o o] said...

I have way too much free time on my hands and if i dont get invited to demonoid soon i will turn to drugs and alchol, lose my job and become heroine addicted street bum. Please dont let this be my fate...


Anonymous said...

Please Please please can i get a invite i have lost my job as a machine operator,been out of work for the last six months never had nothing given to me in my whole life. Me geting a invite will code show me that there really is some nice caring people out there who want to help thanks. Email address is

Motley said...

I love to see people gravel for the invite!! Reminds me of what I had to do to get mine! O.K. Now today I will post 2 questionsto be answered whoever gets them right, wins a demonoid invite! If you paid attention to the music world the last two weeks the topic of my questions will be based on something in correlation.---Motley.

Anonymous said...

Clemenza: His family's out of the house. Fanucci's alone in the cafe.
Tessio: Vito, here's my fifty dollars - Buona fortuna (good luck).
Clemenza: Hey Vito, are you sure he's going to go for it?
Vito: I make an offer he don't refuse. Don't worry. know--->

shiko said...

hi i had been looking for so much
can u send me one plz