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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Demonoid Registration Now Closed!

congrats to those who signed up and better luck next time to those who missed's open registration.---Motley


jemma said...

I tried to get an invite for 2 months and missed out. Im not willing to do something dangerous to get an invite though. besides ive fractured my foot.

Motley said...

doesn't have to be dangerous just off the wall and different. You have to put yourself out there somewhat and have pic or video of it with the words "Demonoid Invites" present during it. be creative, no one needs to be hurt.--Motley

Ajay Abraham said...

Motley, could you please send me an invitation? I found some manuals up there which would very much help me in my studies. My email is:
Your help is very much appreciated.