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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Demonid Invite Contest!!

Yes once again you can win an invite!! All you have to do is win this contest! I want a story about the worst experience you have had taking a final. Huh? you say. Well I am in the midst of taking a couple finals this week and it's all I could come up with. Good Luck. And.... Hail Demonoid!!



Jessie Dan said...

The Worst thing happen to me when i was taking my finals in Taxation last semester. :( I didnt knew after all the weeks of preparation.It was an OPEN NOTES.

Because of this I had a habit that to ask a question after the professor announce the exam. Redundancy. ahahaha.. even though they are laughing on me. I just want a Clarification.

Motley said...

I just took a final for a CCNA class last night and I was taking my time and trying to get as good a grade as possible. Well then right before I finished my teacher told me that afterwards he would show us what questions we got wrong and then take it again. I was like "what?" I loved that idea! If you are the only post by the end of the weekend I will hook you up.


PerfectDark said...

I had an exam in university, Religious Studies 201. The exam was a midterm and counted for 30% of our final grade. I studied for 6 hours each day for 3 days before the test. Going into the test we were all nervous cause we didn't really know what to expect. Well the first part of the exam went really well I blazed through the multiple choice questions and the true or false, but then the second half of the exam was all fill in the blank with no word bank. She wanted the exact word from the text for 60 questions, from 400 pages of text. Ten minutes into the test I got up, handed my exam in and dropped the course, I found out later that out of a class of 80, 7 people passed. Worst test experience of my life.

Motley said...

I have had a few exams like that myself.


Motley said...

Jessie Dan and perfect dark email me @

Kazem said...

I took Calculus I my freshman year and I got sick on and off that semester. So the day before the final comes around and the teacher is mentioning everything that our grade will consist of, "All your homework, your final, and your three tests." Then I give a confused look to my friends, "Wait, what does he mean three tests.. I only remember two.." It turns out I missed the second test and the teacher says I have to impress him on the final to pass the class. I study like I never had that night and ended up passing. Barely.