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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Demonoid is Back!!

The comeback kids are back!


Josh Purple said...


Josh Purple said...

Hi Motley :) !

( I'm the dude that did the demonoid gif animation with your avatar )
Hope all is going well. I keep following the news on Demonoid, 'cause I know they'll be back :D !
Currently it looks like they are setting-up on . If you go to;
It will show a "403 - Forbidden," -but that's actually a good thing (better than, "This webpage is not available, Error 137")
Something is happening :) !
If I hear/see any news changes, etc. I'll be sure to give you a heads-up.

And, -do you use
If so, do you have any invites :D ?
If not, -as soon I am in I'll be sure to send you one!



Motley said...

never tried cgpeers before and since demonoid went down i havent really torrented. Good to hear from u. Hail demonoid!!!

Motley said...

The animated motley demonoid rocks by the way