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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Demonoid Invites Blog Moved

Yes I have moved my blog to this URL. Why? So it can be indexed by search engines better. Update on Kissology!!!
Finally the whole dvd set has been uploaded to Demonoid!!! If you are a big KISS fan and beg I will probably give you an invite!!


Anonymous said...

Dude! I Pledge Allegiance to the State of Rock & Roll!

Any chance of a demonoid invite?

Ta very much!

sarge200 said...

Hello Motley,

I've been begging a lot of people and searching on the internet who would give me a Demonoid Invite. I hope you could spare me one. Thank you so much! Im Cesar from the Philippines, rock and roll dude!

Anonymous said...

Hi Motley,

I forgot the begging bit!

Please Please Puhleeeeeeeze!

look how much effort I put into my Gene Simmons ascii art!

zDDD( -('(BDBBBBz' -' (hDDB=
zDDs'~=~ sDDhhh= 'c- sDDBs
zhB=~z+ ''-z=cc=~ . ~= cDDBs
zhDcch'-s~ ((~(c..(-.=-~hDB=
shDc=h-h+ -c~(( (+'+~~hDBs
shD=shsB~ .'(~c- ~=c=(chDBs
shDssBBB-~c'~c(-- ~shz~cDDB=
shDzsBBDzz+ '+~'c'(hBD'(DDD=
shBzsDBBBDc .c'.cc=DDh'(hDBs
shBs+DBDBB+ -..cshhDz-(hDBs
shD==BDBBBh' . ~hhDDBD+-hDBs
zhD(+BBsz++Bh.+Dc+++DBc =DBs
shh+c~-D~ (z-+= 's= .'=DBs
zhD+~--s- .=-+c 'sc =DBs
zhBs~''~(.-'c'(' -=- .zBBs
zhBDc''.'.c++-~' .-- -DBBs
zzDBs-'. ..~+~' . +BBBs
zhDBDc'..' ... . 'hBDBs
zzDBB=~..+('....'c-. cBDDBs
zzBBBhc..shc' .'+hc .zBDDBs
zsDDBBs' +BDss=++z( ~DDDDBs
zsDDDBh~ (hz==+(-+~. +BBDDBs
zshBDBD+ -sc'''.'c- 'hBDDDBs
z=hBBBBz'.=+'''.-(. cDDDDDBs
z=DBDBDD( +=-'''-~.'zBDDDBBs'-'~' cDhhBBBBs

Ok not that much effort but you can see I'm trying!

Cheers Dude!

Anonymous said...

Hi fellow Kissian! hey people should prove that they are a kiss fan,by leaving facts that re not common to non kiss fans!! like pauls real name is stanley eisen,petr criss,is peter criscoula or something of the like,otherwise how de we know:)

I would love a demonoid code if possible ( i could upload very rare bootlegs too) my email is:

p.s. you may not believe this,but my fav album is the one that they dont like (the elder) its mystickal man! but i love the good stuff like 100,000 years,she etc!

peace to the kiss army!