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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Demonoid Tracker Working

Well I think the demonoid tracker is working, actually I'm pretty positive. I heard people saying it was so I tested it. I found a file a uploaded last year on a different site, that someone got a hold from demonoid then uploaded it. I know it's mine cuz I put things in this torrent so I would know it was mine. I downloaded this torrent from this other site made sure demonoid was the only tracker and disabled DHT. BOOM!! The download works and so does the tracker,(has to it's the only one) If someone can find a flaw in what I did and prove me wrong post on this blog. Here's the link to the torrent


joe said...

Hi would you happen to have any invitation codes for demonoid? I would very much appreciate one - -at- gmail -dot- com


Dizzy said...

i say if i wuld know speak english :(