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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Free Demonoid Invitation Code!! (contest)

Here's the new contest for a chance to win a free demonoid invite! I just uploaded Disc 3 of Kissology Vol.3 and now I'm giving Kiss fans a chance to get on Demonoid! Show your KISS colors and show someway that you are a KISS fanatic!! I did this before and people were pretty creative! Don't let me down. Good Luck! --Motley


Kisso said...

Hey man, thanks for Kissology, love that compilation. Here's my KISS tattoo (the photo is pretty old):
My email is, thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Had vol.3 long time ago but lost it, hehe you just renewed my past addiction :P

Got this tattoo like 7-8 years ago:

And my little treasure posing for you XD:

Thanks for this opportunity m8 ;P realy appreciated!

my email is

Motley said...

Nice tats guys! Not a bad start to this weeks contest!--Motley

Anonymous said...

i grew up in a Kiss fanatics home, so
I can't even begin to tell you how much i absolutely love kiss. Born in New York my first concert was a Kiss show and i was only 5! I can still remember my first holloween costume was Ace Frehley's "Spaceman" it was so funny. I'm too young to get a tattoo or anything crazy like that but if you come in my room you'll realize my love for kiss. I paint and my love for paint reflects my love for Kiss, hope you like it!

my email is

lesurgeon said...

Hey Motley, Kiss was the best band ever. I saw them a couple of times live, and one time i manage to get some autographs and got them as a tattoo. Hopefully I'll be able to win that demonoid invite. Thanks

Anonymous said...


sorry the other link didn't work!

have a great weekend!

Lalo said...

¡Demonoid registrations are OPEN!

4:58hrs september 06 hope you can read it on time