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Friday, January 2, 2009

CHEERS!!! To our new fellow Demonoid member Marc!!

Congrats to Marc for becoming Demonoid's newest honorable member!!! You ask and sometimes you shall receive!! Remember your best chances to get an invite to Demonoid are to first comment on the newest post on this blog then email me at If you just email me most likely you won't get an invite. Marc is one of the few random's I hooked up. Also email me with your email address so I can send you info or an invite! Don't post your email on this blog, you don't know what kinda peeps are out there!! Plus if you email me with your email address you got a better chance of registering on Demonoid. Cuz if I notice that Demonoid is having open registrations I email everybody that has emailed me to let them know. Nowadays Demonoid open registration has been at the beginning of the month. Not always every month but always within the few first days of the month. I expect registrations to be open this weekend. But you never know with our new site admin Umlauf and staff. They keep you guessing. Later-----Motley


Tree_Frog said...

man demonoid is like an all exclusive club! haha that Marc is a lucky fellow. Im crossing my fingers to get in! ive been watching the calender for open registration.

Guillermo said...

Can you get me one code, I signed in but I didnt get a confimation email

Alien Intelligence said...


Yep, I am lucky! And very grateful!

I had a 4 part video that I found 1-3 of but only Demonoid had 4 of 4.

So, that really messed with my head that I couldn't get it.

Motley hooked me up!

And being the good buddhist I am, I shall pay it forward when I get my invite code.

Thanks again man!


Motley said...

Enjoy demonoid Marc!!--Motley