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Sunday, January 25, 2009

What Don't Kill Ya Make Ya More Strong!! New Demonoid Invite Contest!

The headline from this post comes from the song Broken, Beat & Scarred by Metallica off of the new album "Death Magnetic." Though I have been listening to Metallica since 1985 I believe it to be the best song they have ever written. In celebration of this this weeks Demonoid Invite Contest will in correlation with this song!! The word's "What don't kill ya make ya more strong", says it all. What are you willing to do for an invite to Demonoid? To win an invite do something crazy and have some picture or video proof. Send it to then also comment to this post describing to everybody what you did!!! Then I will upload it for all to see!!! Somewhere in this pic or video the words "Demonoid Invites!!" must be seen!!! Don't Photoshop the words into the pic or video, you actually have to get out of your house and do something!!! Come on people, don't hold back!!! I have had some crazy mofo's in the past!!! Remember "What Don't Kill Ya Make Ya More Strong." Good luck friends!!---Motley

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