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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Another New Demonoid Member!!!

A Happy..Happy..Joy..Joy.. to James for entering the realm of Demonoid. I traded my PC skills to James and Tosha for a Samsung "JUKE" phone and fixed their computer. In the process I hooked them up to Demonoid!!! How can you have internet and not download through the best torrent tracker?---Motley


Kooner said...

So many lucky people. Hopefully I will get lucky someday, lol :)

puffnstuff said...

Dont wanna buy or trade anything. Just lQQkin for an honest member to share an invite. thnx.

blaznspadz said...

what a lucky guy. i'd die for a invite.

you guys wouldn't believe how much time i spent looking for one nice person out there to share an invite

but to no luck. each time a persons turned me down for one reason or another.

if you do get selected. treasure it. because alot of people wished to have your position.

gosh. i make this sound like life and death.

its a rare opportunity and hope you get lucky.

Motley said...

believe me I know how it is trying to get one. It took me forever!!! That's why I started this blog to try and help those who spend hours trying to get in. Good Luck!!--Motley

carwreak said...

whats up i heard demon was the best plese hook me up ill owe u 1

Motley said...

You can check out the current free demonoid invite contest for this blog here

It's a tough one so good luck!!!--Motley!!!