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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Free Demonoid Invitation Code

Yes I'm giving away a free invite to whoever posts something on my blog that catches my eye. It could be the reason that you think you deserve an invite or something off the wall. who knows? I'll give the invite away by Saturday night!! Good Luck!!---Motley.


Anonymous said...

Would you please send me a Demonoid Invitation Code?
I have spent a great deal of time trying to register for a Demonoid account. I've been trying for almost 6 months now and I haven't been very lucky. If you were so kind as to send me an invitation code I would greatly appreciate it.

animefan said...

well... poetry is nothing but disaster... if you read it you're bewitched by its incantations. what if poetry is just a picture? then words would mean nothing compared with the harmony of words. the disaster of poetry is the harmony of soul. describing demons in poems means the insane ego, the one then does every good disaster in your life... describing angels means that you are willing to find your peace, even though you never knew it. demons are helpfull in poetry... especially demonoids.

animefan said...

u can send it to me at

Snake said...

oohh god! you have an invitation code??, you´re a lucky man. I´ve been looking for it a year, and I don´t have luck so if you were so kind as send if is possible an invitation code you make me the happiest man of the world.

Thank u so so much!

bbake said...

roses are red,
violets are blue,
i want an invitation code,

brazen w/ fire said...

So the evolutionary trail will be found, or not, as another mission to find another planet to sustain life has begun. I suppose I'll just stick it out here on Earth and hope I win this invitation code.
At least if I have the courtesy of an invitation, there would be so much left to look forward to.
Like a whispering wind,
Gather your rosebuds while you may, while the sun is still shining,
For the same flower that pines today, tommorow will be dying.
Bring on the Blue Rose, (invite)

brazen w/ fire said...

Hey, I see your big on Mettallica. Your right , they are awesome, preferably the Garage Days (w/ ole' Dave), Ride t/ Lightning (Kurt's 1st), Master (Cliff's final Call), yet, I crossed and went to Ministry lately, haven't heard the new, G N'R ruined my taste for something new
waiting on an invitation

Motley said...

Looks like brazen w/ fire is the front runner so far!!! One more day to top it. Metallica is always my weak spot!!!--Motley

Motley said...

The new G'n'R sucks. Can't stand to listen to it!!--Motley

James said...

Hi it would be greatly appreciated to be graced with a Demonoid invite. I upload and download fairly and even then i upload more than i downloaded =)... It would be great to get an invitation code sent to me to help contribute to a great torrenting community known as Demonoid.

Anonymous said...

I'll be grateful of you'll give me a Demonoid invention.
Thank you very much!!!

Anonymous said...

oh i forgot


Sean said...

Hey I just started learning guitar 2 weeks ago and the very first song I learnt was Nothing Else Matters! Metallica forever!

gmasvet said...

I am a registered nurse and work with alzheimers patients. Someone donated a computer for the patients to use. I decided to load a few hidden object games for them to try and play. Believe it or not, they love them.The games make them concentrate and 4 have been able to decrease or come off their medications. I really would love to be able to logon to demonoid to see if I can download any new games for them. I have run out of games on other sites. Thank you in advance if you could give me an invite.

Anonymous said...

I'll be honest with ya... Im not gonna big up metallica just to get into your good books.. i do like them.. the new album was very good, im a u2 man to be honest. I need demonoid in my life. Ive been trying for god knows how long and well.... its getting a bit boring now seeing the same old message.. no more new members.. Im fair, Honest and i believe in uploading. My wee pc is crying out to me for demonoid.. You cant say no to that.. shes been crying now for about 6 months and its doing my head in.. be a good sport and invite me!!

Anonymous said...

The demonoids,
won't open the registrationoids
which is very annoying
to me and friendonoids
won't you be a friendonoid?
and give me an invite code
(or at least let me know when they open registrations?)

SOMY said...

Hi Motley,

I've been trying for almost 1 year now and I haven't been very lucky to get a Demonoid account. If you were so kind as to send me an invitation code I would greatly appreciate it.

You can send it to me:

Motley said...

Check your email
just sent you one randomly---Motley

Anonymous said...

Hello Mr. Motley!

I just love to hoard and cult torrents. I am not really sure, but I think I have this obsessive-compulsive attitude towards owning lots of beneficial data - from mp3's to movies to applications and so much more. Recently, the websites I have been utilizing are starting to fail my expectations... and most of the torrents I want to download are only available in Demonoid... I am a student who relies much on the internet in this sophisticated era of information technology. I would really be grateful if you could freely offer me an invitation code.

By the way, my email is

So there Mr. Motley, I think I've told you enough about my rationale as to why I want a Demonoid account. I am looking forward to your (hopefully...) favorable response. ^_^

robbin said...

i would like an invitation code please!!!!!!!!! Its been forever since i started tyring to get one. my enterainment is my kid. one day she was take a bath and called me in and i have fourhead i said yes she said when i turn five will i have a five head. the things that come out of little ones

pablo_anjjelo said...

u can send it to me at

Anonymous said...

Please, Please send my invitation code.