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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Demonoid back soon!!

That's right! I'm going out on a limb here, but I believe my hunch is true. No one has notified me and I haven't read this anywhere. Why do I say this then? Well if you look to the right and a little down on this blog you will see a picture of the Demonoid dude. This is a link to demonoid that they let members use on their sites and blogs to link to the site. When the website is down the picture is not available,because the picture is actually hosted on the demonoid site itself. Test it yourself. Go to the picture of the demonoid dude, right click him and choose properties. The window that pops up show the url address where the picture is hosted (Address url). Copy the address and paste it into your web address bar and hit enter. Whala! You are in demonoid!! I think this means that they are getting most of the code for the site completed! Hope so!! Hail demonoid!!


1 comment:

SpacemanSquirm said...

Do you have any idea when they will do open registration again? Or do you by chance have a code I could get? Thanks