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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Demonoid Is Back!!!!!!

The one, the only. The Master of Disaster!!! Demonoid!!! Is back!!! Thank god!! What a boring time it was without the only thing I can actually get internet satisfaction from!!! Well gotta make this short cuz I have a final to take and then it's Demonoid!!! Definately giving a invitation away this week, but you have to earn this baby. I'm not gonna even set up a contest. Let's just see how bad you want it. I honestly will not be putting a whole lot of effort into drawing up a contest because there will be lots of things to take care of. What would you do for an invitation? Hell, I don't even know if we can generate them yet.I'm outta here!!!



Anonymous said...

I want an invitation really bad...I can't wait to see what the contest is.

joshpurple said...

Right on Motley :) ! HAIL DEMONOID!!!
Out'F'n STANDING! You said it! I'll give you my first born for a Demonoid Invite!! *worship icon smiley here* Thank You for such an OUTSTANDING BLOG!!! :D

Motley said...

Great!! We are off to a good start!!


joshpurple said...

Inspired by 'Enter Sandman,' (Metallica!!), Demonoid, and the greatest blog evAR (Motley's)!! Here's my fun & silly gif tribute;
Enjoy & THANK YOU again!!!
*more bowing and smiley icon's here*
*josh holds up a lighter* :D

Motley said...

Now that's what im looking for josh!!!! I think we might have a winner!! Unless someone comes up with something by Sunday night better than this(which will be hard).

Anonymous said...

I concede to josh.........then I plead for mercy as one who is living in Hungary and now that the torrent sites, that I so much depended on, are gone have no access to much of anything.
With Christmas not more than hours away if you find yourself thinking you need to give ONE MORE THING, please consider a code for a cold Californian in the middle of a cold Hungarian Winter! Thanks, Tony!

Anonymous said...

Hi guys , here is one from me.




Unable said...

I am a good seeder anyone can send me an invite?

joshpurple said...

THANK YOU MOTLEY :D !!!!!!! WOOOOO HOOOOOOoooooooOOOOOOoooo!!!!! YESSSS!!! I sincerely, deeply, and with great enthusiasm, APPRECIATE the Demonoid INVITE!!!! It worked perfectly!! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!! *Josh jumps wildly around room, thrashing head to Metallica* :D I'll be glad to return any favor to you, ANYTIME!! YOU ROCK!!!!! *bowing smiley icons in a row here* Happy Holidays, Happy New Year, Happy Metal to YOU!!!!

Your ever-grateful, seeding to the MOON, Demonoid fan!!!!!!


P.s. YES!!!!!!! PARTY!!!! WOOO HOOOO!!!! You RULE!!!!! Thank You!!!