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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Demonoid up

I haven't been keeping up with demonoid much since i dont torrent anymore but i noticed Demonoid is up at Not sure if its the real deal but user credentials work there and they have my info. Hail Demonoid! 



Josh Purple said...

Motley :D ! Hail Demonoid! Thanks for the tip. It seems legit to me, and it worked with my info. seemed to be where it had been, but now that is closed.

You don't torrent anymore?! Do you have a better method :) ?

Thanks again, and all my BEST to you!

For good times, here's your gif once again :D


Motley said...

Dont have time to torrent really. Between work and the kids im real busy.I do miss it at times. Let me know how the new Demonoid works. Thanks for the pic gif again---Motley