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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Just Giving Demonoid Invites Away!!!

Alright!! Happy,Happy! Joy,Joy! To Spaceman! He is the newest member of Demonoid! Just got bored and he begged so I gave! Got one more to give in the next couple of days but you gotta earn this one!



Hyun Jin Um said...

Can I have one please my email

joshpurple said...

Congrats Spaceman, and Happy Holidays to you, -damn nice present :) !

Motley you ROCK, that is very kind and cool of you!!! May all your downloads burn at 1,000 MB/sec!!!

*bows to Motley & jams out with his Motley Demonoid avatar* :D

Dermot O'Shea said...

hi motley any chance of an invite i will post any codes i get back up here ..........please......please.....been trying everywhere for months and have just come across this

Motley said...

Merry X-mas Dermot! You Got Mail!!


joshpurple said...

Hot Damn! Your avatar is looking sharp Motley :) ! :w00t: ! Merry X-Mas!

HAIL DEMONOID! And Motley :D !!

SpacemanSquirm said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everybody. I know the 3 happiest people on earth right now are joshpurple, dermot, and I. And I know the coolest dude on the planet is Motley. Have a safe New Year everybody. Drink some for me!!!!